We're better than YOU

... you too

I've got my own elite force
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We are the Nirvana elite.
Yes, you heard me, ELITE. We are elitist cunts and we hatehate HATE most Nirvana fans and we're not ashamed to say it.
This is a CLOSED community to keep out the Cobainites
This is NOT an 18+ community, but we are a community that DEMANDS maturity be you 12 or 27.
You don't have to have been a fan back in the day, you don't have to be "grunge" You just have to be devoted to NIRVANA (hear me, NOT KURT, Nirvana)

The other Nirvana communities kind of frown on ranting about other fans, well in here we encourage it :D
So e-mail me to get in
then rant away and be as arrogant and elitist as you so please


PS- No Courtney Lovers/kurtney fans

PPS- No treating Heavier Than Heaven as if it's the Cobainic bible. Cross is a blathering idiot, deal with it.