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silver: the best of the box

okay, there's been no posts here in forever - it's ridiculous - let's change that.

am i the only one who thinks the choices for sliver: the best of the box are downright terrible? out of the three new tracks, "sappy" should be pretty cool (if not redundant), "spank thru" (from the almighty fecal matter demo) is a treasure, but what the fuck is up with the "come as you are" boombox demo recording? that's just outright fucking ridiculous. how about some more fecal matter material? jesus, we've only been asking for it for a decade now.

& the choices from the actual boxset aren't that great either - not that i'm too crazy about the boxset itself anyways (please don't shoot me). but come on, they left off "if you must," "pen cap chew," "token easter song," "even in his youth," "verse chorus verse," "here she comes now," the "aneurysm" demo, "d-7," "curmudgeon," the butch vig "smells like teen spirit" mix (which i really liked, despite my lukewarm feelings for the actual song), "the other improv," "marigold" (totally under-rated), & the acoustics of "serve the servants," "very ape," & "pennyroyal tea" - all which are deserving - if not, at least just more deserving than what was picked.

i was hoping for a make-up for the boxset, which i was let down by - instead we get half-assed picked songs from an already mediocre set. when are we finally going to meet our high expectations as far as unreleased nirvana material goes?

okay, that's it from me.

by the way, if you don't agree with my opinions on the boxset, whatever, i'm not here to argue about that - just the sliver picks.
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