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i, uh, hate this world. =|

ROCK widow Courtney Love will net £70million by selling her late husband Kurt Cobain's songs.

The actress and rock singer is selling a quarter of the Nirvana frontman's back catalogue to disgraced US lifestyle guru Martha Stewart.

Released from jail this year after five months for insider trading, Stewart wants the songs as an investment.

A friend said: "It's an astonishing deal. It sorts out Courtney financially."

Cobain and Courtney, 41, wed in 1992. They had a daughter Frances Bean, now 11, before he killed himself with a gun in April 1994, aged 27.

Cobain rose to fame with songs like Smells Like Teen Spirit and Come As You Are. The album Nevermind sold over 10 million copies.
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Oh my god. Who wants to bet me ten dollars that Smells Like Teen Spirit is going to be a new Nike commercial? Or possibly even the Gap.
this is a joke, right?

Deleted comment

I fucking hate Martha Stuart so much right now.
I can deal with her basically stealing money, whatever man.
BUT FUCK! Instead of "It's a good things" it's going to be "Come as you are! *creepy perfect old smile*"

*rages more*
Isn't frances bean older than 11?
This doesn't surprise me.