semi-charmed (redbrastrap) wrote in nirvana_elitist,

Entertainment Weekly Review of Sliver: The Best of the Box

"Considering Kurt Cobain's obsession with credibility and fear of exploitation, the very existance of this redundant, single disc CliffNotes to last year's rarities boxed set is pretty dubious. The main draw is three unreleased tracks, but they disappoint: 1985 demo "Spank Thru" finds the singer's trademark howl under construction, while alternate takes on "Sappy" and "Come As You Are" shed no new light. Chiefly, Sliver reeks of the same milk-it boardroom mindset Cobain vehemently derided."

I just thought it was interesting that they picked up on the fact that *gasp!* Nirvana is getting oldn and worn out from exploitation.
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I'm not gonna lie, I'm probably going to buy it. But I feel bad about it afterwards.
Hahaha, the intent is what counts.
ugg I used poor grammar in that comment. I was high, forgive me?
UNFORGIVEN. Peeple whoo ewes baad grammer r goin' 2 hellz.
ahahhaha. I know, I was just hoping Icould be the exception *crawls in corner and cries*